2010 started with 470 children in twenty grades and a total of 41 staff. This was the first year that a Kingsville netball team was entered into an ‘outside’ competition at Altona. Paul Holleman’s Music Program continued with instruction given to individual students and there were two night-time music concerts held in the library. The school captains were Joel Adams and Alexandra Smith while the house captains were Koby Wilson-Roach and Natalia Scally (Somerville), Thomas Webster and Sophie Ellis (Bishop), James Waters and Zali Darman (Julian) and Brandon Lester and Amina Soubjaki (Cruickshank). There were the usual Easter raffle and Easter Hat Parade, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls, an Italian Day featuring rainbow flavoured gelati, a Pancake Day, a Pizza Day, a Footy Pie Day, a Birthday Disco (at night) and a Sausage Sizzle. Carolyn and Blagma organized two performances of Danger Kids at the Williamstown Town Hall involving eighty-nine students. Grade 6 classes organized a Boardshorts’ Day to raise funds for their Leaving A Mark Project.

The School Council parent members for 2010 were Geoff Coates (president), Moira Junge (vice-president), Leah Young, Cathy Green, Bill Cunningham, Sharone Ciancio, Christina Evans (replaced by Karen Hickey during the year) and Kirsty Mueller. The DEECD members were Kath Ginnane, Carolyn Withers, Frances Waugh and Tony Wain. 

At the Essendon District Swimming Carnival held at Vic Uni, Oscar Dart won silver in the freestyle. While in the various breaststroke events, Angus Campbell won silver, Hannah Bone won bronze and Seth Crossman won bronze. Angus Campbell went on to finish seventh in the final at the Victorian School Swimming Championships. Earlier in the year he had set a new fifty metres freestyle record of 39.78 seconds (for his age range) at the District Swimming Carnival. Brandon Lester was selected for the Primary School State Football Team. Sam Leeder was a member of the School Sport Victoria Boys’ hockey team that went to Queensland and came back with a gold medal. The school’s boys’ hockey team was beaten in the grand final by Moonee Ponds West while the boys’ cricket team won the district level competition. The school collected 66,000 Coles vouchers which enabled a large quantity of sports equipment to be gained through the Coles Sports for Schools program. Kingsville came second at the Districts Athletics Day. Caitlin Bakos and James Waters were awarded a bike each through the Free Bikes for Schools Program. 

The school also received funding of $3 million from Primary Schools for the 21st Century. This money was for an extension to the hall, the building of an art room and a kitchen, and a new complex of five classrooms (known as the BER building) on Bishop Street. Building began in August and was expected to last nine months. This caused major disruptions to the playground, specialists’ programs and hall usage. As part of the development, the two shelter sheds, plus the middle Bristol building were demolished and two relocatable classrooms were delivered. The old Bubs room (the two downstairs rooms at the southern end of the main building) were being used as an art room and an extremely small staffroom.

Kath Ginnane asked all students to send her a photograph to show ‘Where in the world are Kingsville students reading?’ As principal, Kath went on a four week study tour of the United Kingdom through the Development Program for High Performing Principals. The school celebrated Kath’s 40th year in education. Vice-principal Carolyn Withers attended the IB Asia Pacific Conference in Singapore.

Two school concerts were held at Williamstown Town Hall with Mik Weir as co-ordinator. The fundraising target for the year was $25,000 and a Trivia Night raised $4,500. Other activities included a Hot March Night, casual clothes’ days, a Christmas raffle, a cake and craft stall at the Kingsville Carols held in Beever Reserve, Wales Street where the Kingsville Choir performed. 

Other notable events in 2010 were the Grade 3/4 camp at Camp Oasis in Mount Evelyn, the 9am school bell changing to ring at 8.55am each morning, the “Big People’s Night Out”, an ice-skating staff function, wear a hat to school day, mini beast incursion for preps, walk to school day, ride to school day (260 bikes and scooters), Kingsville cross country in Cruickshank Park and the Premier’s Reading Challenge. The KPS dad’s group organised a Parma night and as part of National Tree Planting Day 100 grasses, 80 trees and 100 shrubs were planted along the Julian Street fence line. The end-of-year graduation, for forty-two grade 6 students, was held in a local hall because the school hall was under-going renovation. Bulldog player Robert Murphy visited the school. The staff enjoyed a function at Shadowfax at Werribee Park that included free wine tasting and a live jazz band. A school-wide Italian Day was held.

By 2011, there were 24 classes, 46 staff and 545 children from 386 families including 117 preps and 57 Grade 6 students to begin the year. Kingsville student Ambrosia Negri and her parents made an enormous journey to Ethiopia to visit Abdletif Hamza, the school’s World Vision’s sponsored child since February 2006, taking sixty kilograms including cards, cash and presents for the local community.

The School Council parent members for 2011 were Geoff Coates (president), Giordano Gangl (vice-president), Leah Young, Cathy Green (manager of Buildings & Grounds), Sharone Ciancio, Karen Hickey, Tanya Merchant, Adam Tate, Tanya Hill, Adrien Powning and Kirsty Mueller. The DEECD members were Kath Ginnane, Clare Zagorski and Tony Wain (treasurer). School captains were James Madsen-Smith and Emma Hatty. As principal, Kath Ginnane went on a second study tour of the United Kingdom through the Development Program for High Performing Principals.

Reverend Tim Costello, CEO of World Vision, visited the school. Peter Ritchie and ten students attended the Somers Camp. After fifteen years, Jill Pearce of Merriwa Kindergarten retired. Betty Sturrock, mother of Dianne retired from making the unique Kingsville sporting shirts for many years. Hayley Merat was organizer and mentor of the Junior School Council. Grade 3/4 went to Camp Wilkin while the Grade 5/6 went to Roses Gap. Melbourne Storm players held a clinic on-site. The school production called ‘Kids in Camelot’ and was directed and produced by Carolyn Withers and Blagma Veljanoska. 102 students participated in the production and it was held at Caroline Chisholm College in Sunshine. A trivia night, at the St. Augustine’s hall, attracted 220 people and raised $6835. Two school concerts were conducted at the Williamstown Town Hall with Mik Weir as organiser.

Results at the Yarraville Districts Athletics Championships saw Kingsville come second in a tough competition. The school was runners-up to Wembley at the District Swimming Sports held at the VU Aquatic Centre. At the Regional Swimming Sports at Oak Park, Seth Crossman won bronze in the breaststroke, while Angus Campbell achieved silver in the butterfly. Oscar Dart ran 32nd in a field of 96 in the Victorian State Cross Country Championships.

During the year classes moved into the new BER building and the extension to the hall was revealed. The new Visual Arts Centre, a school kitchen, a large extended staff room and extensive storage space adjacent to the hall were also unveiled. The tables from the old art room, thought to be approximately 35 years old, did not survive long-term storage and were replaced. A Hello New Hall Disco held after school attracted 380 students. 

Students were busy collecting Woolies’ Earn & Learn shopping dockets and Coles’ Sports For Schools shopping dockets. Hundreds of dollars’ worth of sporting gear and classroom equipment was purchased through these two programs. Paul’s Collect-a-caps were also collected. A new sand pit was constructed on the Julian Street boundary but it was accidentally built in the wrong spot! A new kitchen garden was installed and an art show called ‘Faces of Kingsville’ was held. Pokemon cards, which had been causing disputes in the playground, were banned. 

Other events and activities 2011 included a Father’s Day stall, footy lunch, Naplan for the grade 3 and 5 students, casual clothes footy day, icy-pole day, Mother’s Day stall, walk to school day, hot cross bun drive and a ride 2 school day. Pizza day raised an amazing $1200, Grade 3/4 visited Ceres, and a pancake morning tea was held. Student led conferences or three way conferences were also held. This is where parents come into the classroom and their children hold a conference with them on what work they have been completing. Teachers are involved in the conference where necessary.

2011 also saw an Easter raffle, a prep family picnic, Book Club, Christmas Hamper Raffle and Kingsville Carols in Wales Street boasting a ‘Make & Bake’ Stall. Grade 2 had the usual sleepover at school, while the PYP Exhibition for Grade 6 was ‘Where we are in place and time’. New gates were erected and Grades 5/6 were involved in an open water beach program. Students dressed up for International Dress Day and the Paul Holleman Music Programs and concerts continued for another year.

Parents and staff enjoyed a night out at the Sun Theatre watched ‘The Tree of Life’ and the Hot August Night Hair Raiser Annual Ball was held at the Millenium Hall in Nicholson Street, Footscray. The girls’ and boys’ tee-ball teams were regional finalists, Max Le Grand won a camera for himself and another one for the school in The Age Nikon Photo Competition. Stella Pullen won two awards in the Snapshots of Seddon Photograph Competition. Students exhibited artwork in a local Man, Dog, Boat Exhibition. Jack Allison was the winner of the City of Maribyrnong Pet Expo Art Competition. By all accounts 2011 was a busy year!

2012-2019 history to come.