During 1970 the title of headmaster was officially changed to principal and a Mr A.L. Bracher was appointed in this role. Some very important events happened in 1970. Emergency cards were introduced for the first time. The tiled roof of the three pre-fabricated classrooms were replaced with aluminium. There was the first mention of curriculum days and the school was closed on two occasions for the teachers to attend a science seminar at Wembley State School and again later in the year when the Spotswood school staff came to Kingsville. A men's toilet was installed inside the main building. The male teachers and staff were particularly pleased with this because previously they had to use the outside boys toilets! 

Four of the teaching staff (Semple, Ilot, Noonan and Kishere) put their ideas together and came up with the 'Kingsville Word Study Book', which was to help the students with their studies in literacy. There were two books in the set and they were so popular that they were officially published and circulated throughout other schools in the area. 


School sports was still going strong in 1970 with four relay teams, three tunnel-ball teams, one crossball team and one skip ball team, who all defeated teams from other local schools. The boys football team was premiers of the Yarraville district and made the Grand Final of the Western Division. Kingsville was also the winners of the District Athletic Sports. 

The students went on many excursions during the year, of which included a trip to see the play Wind in the Willows, attendance at the Music Festival at Williamstown Technical School, a trip to Ballarat for grades 3-6 and the younger students visited Eltham Country Farm. Several students attended Essendon Airport to see Queen Elizabeth who was visiting Australia. 

By 1971 student enrolments were around the 570 mark. Finally after many years of sweltering through the summer heat, ceiling fans were installed in all the classrooms. The football team premiered once again in the Yarraville district and finished in the final four in the Western Division. The girls were premiers in their first year of softball competition. Four children represented Kingsville at the Broadmeadows Divisional Swimming Carnival. The school library was renamed to be a Multi Media Centre and for the first time since 1967 the foundation students (called infants then) were allowed to use the library. The school committee passed a motion that granted a holiday to students and teachers for Melbourne Show Day and Melbourne Cup Day. 

Early in 1972 the PA system in the office suddenly blew up! It took quite a long time to get fixed and one can imagine messages would have to have been hand delivered around the school instead. One hundred and ten trees were planted around the school and twelve new bench seats were installed outside for the students. A school dinner dance, for parents and teachers, was held at the Footscray Football Club.  Students also had Hot Dog days and Pie days. 

In 1973 a new principal was appointed, Mr H.J (Joe) Briggs. He had previously taught at Kingsville between 1961-1964. Unfortunately though the 1973 school year started disastrously. Three days before the students were due to return, an arsonist started a fire that destroyed the staffroom, the upstairs art room and three other classrooms. The office area and a few other classrooms were also damaged by the water used to douse the fire. It was estimated that more than $50,000 damage was done. Members of staff, the Mother's Club and the School Committee worked tirelessly for two days nonstop to make the school operational. School started on time with only one class having to use the nearby St. Paul's Hall. 

The school made The Herald newspaper in 1973 when the Grade 3/4 children taught by Robert Regan were hatching chickens through an improvised incubator. The softball team went through the entire season undefeated and then beat Brooklyn in the final. The Netball team was also successful and were crowned premiers for the year. 

Netball Premiers 1973

Netball Premiers 1973

In 1974 Prince Charles visited Australia and actually drove down Somerville Road, past the school. Unfortunately he did not stop for a visit. In 1975 students visited Wandiligong and Bright for school camps. Fundraising events included a hot dog day and a new adventure playground was erected.  The school won the 1974 and 1975 cup for the Footscray Beautification Competition in the schools section and was judged the Champion School and the softball team was the local premiers. 

Our success in local school sports competitions continued in 1975 and the school was crowned premiers of both the cricket and volleyball. A dental therapy unit was built in 1976 opened for service in 1977. This provided free dental care to students. 

During 1976 someone connected to the school created a unique piece of artwork. On linen material measuring 106cm x 177 cm is a painting of the school. Surrounding the school in texta and black pen, all the students' first names are handwritten in their various grades. The names of the Staff, School Committee and the Mothers' Club are also listed. This linen sheet has been named 'The Shroud of Kingsville' because so little is known about it. It lay hidden in a private house from 1976 to approximately 2003 when it was donated to the school. Unfortunately no details were taken of the person who donated it.

In 1976 the school won first prize in the City of Footscray Beautification Competition.


In 1977 a window in the office foyer exploded due to the sinking foundations of the building. The decision was then made to demolish this foyer area as it was clearly a hazard. The former principals office was altered to house four staff toilets. The structure of these rooms had become so bad that one of the female teachers noted that when using the ladies toilet they had a clear and uninterrupted view all the way down Bishop Street, just by looking through the cracks in the wall. 

In 1978 school excursions were expanded. Camps were held at Swan Hill, Healesville Sanctuary, Ripponlea, The State Museum, Victoria Market and Werribee Park. There were also trips to roller-skating and ice skating. Peter Gray the clown visited the school, as did a group of Koori dancers. Patients from the Austin Hospital Spinal Unit, the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria and The Footscray Mayor, also visited the school.

Principal Joe Briggs, retiring in 1977

Principal Joe Briggs, retiring in 1977